Faccenda Foods launches new partnership with FareShare

December 14th, 2015

In October this year, we started a new partnership with the food charity, FareShare.


FareShare takes perfectly good food that otherwise may have been wasted and sends it to over 2,000 charities and community organisations that turn it into meals for vulnerable and disadvantaged people. It does this by working with businesses right across the food supply chain from manufacturers to retailers, helping early identification of food surpluses suitable for redistribution to people in need, which can lead to overall waste reduction. In 2014/15 (*), they saved close to 8,000 tonnes of good food – enough for 16.6 million meals!


All of us need a balanced diet and providing a nutritious meal is at the heart of many of the charities served by FareShare. In our discussions with FareShare, it became clear that supplies of meat and other proteins were irregular and in high demand. Producing safe, nutritious food is what Faccenda is all about so, working with FareShare West Midlands and with the support of our packaging suppliers, we have agreed to supply 1 tonne of chicken portions week-in, week-out to ensure FareShare can rely on product always being available. Through this new partnership, we are now helping to provide over 2000 weekly meals to people that need it most, through FareShare’s charity members including homeless shelters, lunch clubs for older people, after school clubs and community cafés.


The contribution of our packing suppliers has been invaluable, with Sharpak Yate supplying the trays and Coveris UK supplying all the labels, including the artwork, free of charge.


Working with FareShare is a powerful reminder of the value of the food we produce. It has always been important to recognise when and where we generate unplanned surpluses – it is equally important that nothing goes to waste. Our ongoing supply to FareShare will help ensure that this is not the case at Faccenda.”


Mark Varney, FareShare Director of Food, says: ‘When Faccenda visited FareShare West Midlands, they really took on board our needs along with our ability to reach large numbers of the most vulnerable in society through good food. We’ve now developed a model which provides highly nutritious food to our beneficiaries, whilst opening up a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and socially beneficial route for any other ad hoc surpluses that occur across the business. We’re really pleased that the team at Faccenda is already seeing a difference in terms of behaviour change towards edible surplus and we look forward to really positive mutual impacts over the coming months and years.’


* 1 October 14 to 30 September 15

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