Faccenda Foods statement on Campylobacter

February 26th, 2015

Responding to the post-Q3 Retail Survey results published in February 2015, Andy Dawkins, Managing Director of Faccenda Foods said:
Faccenda Foods continues to focus on implementing its comprehensive Campylobacter action plan. These latest Retail Survey results reinforce our decision to invest across our supply chain to address this food safety challenge, which is an issue faced by all poultry producers. Faccenda Foods has recently been focusing on a new innovative factory process SonoSteam, a £1m investment which we believe could reduce Campylobacter by 90%. Following intensive testing, we installed this equipment in our primary processing factory in Brackley in December and are now engaged in extensive operational trials. We were delighted that Catherine Brown and FSA colleagues visited us recently to see SonoSteam in operation. The technology kills Campylobacter and other micro-organisms on the skin of chickens through the simultaneous application of both steam and ultrasound, a process that takes just 1.5 seconds per bird. We are pleased with the initial results and are continuing with a programme to optimise performance. We look forward to sharing these results through the ACT (Acting on Campylobacter Together) Board in due course and remain committed to investing in this revolutionary technology, which ensures that every single chicken we process passes through SonoSteam to minimise the risk of Campylobacter. This investment is part of our comprehensive approach to reducing Campylobacter throughout our entire supply chain. This includes improved bio-security and hygiene at our farms, which we will use to highlight safety issues and share best practice. One example of this is that we have rolled out a 100% on-farm Campylobacter testing programme. We also continue to lead the way on improving food safety in the kitchen. We were first to market with our award-winning ‘Roast in the Bag’ packaging, received FSA endorsement for it and a favourable consumer response. Following this, we are now extending the safer and more user-friendly product range. By combining our commitment to drive improved standards of farm bio-security and hygiene with a technological intervention focused on applying an effective process to every bird, and a packaging innovation to help consumers handle whole chickens safely and conveniently in their homes, we are confident that we will meet the FSA 2015 Target for Campylobacter Reduction and drive a significant reduction in food borne illness.
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