Faccenda Foods’ Telford facility operational

October 1st, 2014

Faccenda Foods has announced that its flagship factory in Telford is now operational and is nearing completion in terms of its full make over. Faccenda Foods are looking to Telford in order to streamline operations, improve efficiency and create better value for customers. The Telford facility aims to meet Faccenda Foods’ requirements in terms of future growth and capacity. This is reflected in the proliferation of fresh and frozen SKU’s, for turkey acquisition and commencement of RTC production. The expansion at Telford will allow Faccenda Foods to meet growing demands by consolidating current portioning operations at one facility, while opening up existing factory spaces for existing and new range developments. This will deliver higher value and better quality consistently to our customers with a more secure lower cost supply chain. Also the facility will create a sustainable business for all stakeholders over the long term. The completion of this project underlines Faccenda Foods’ expansion into a wider range of convenience poultry based products and this significant investment reinforces Faccenda Foods’ strategy for growth and desire to supply innovative fresh and convenience food solutions to customers.


  Media contact For Faccenda inquiries, please contact Aimee Bateas – 020 7400 8944 or Faccenda@hanovercomms.com
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