Our commitment to tackling Campylobacter

September 9th, 2015

Everyone at Faccenda Foods is committed to delivering high quality products that our customers and consumers can trust and enjoy. 

Since the spring, we have made significant investments aimed at reducing Campylobacter levels across our entire supply chain – from farm to factory – that has helped more than halve the percentage of whole birds featuring the highest concentrations of Campylobacter.

This includes, SonoSteam, which kills Campylobacter and other micro-organisms on the skin of chickens through the simultaneous application of both steam and ultrasound, a process that takes just 1.5 seconds.

SonoSteam News Illustration_NEW

This is a huge step forward, but is only the first phase of a multi-intervention approach and sits beside other activity, such as our ‘Roast in the Bag’ packaging, which has helped to improve food safety in the home and has been recognised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

We are committed to doing all that we can to tackle this issue and are also investigating and trialing additional, complementary initiatives that will enhance the performance of our existing measures and help continue to drive down Campylobacter levels.

Should members of the public be concerned about this issue, they should follow advice available on the FSA website, and note that like any bacteria, Campylobacter is killed by proper cooking, and good kitchen hygiene should always be followed when handling any meat.

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